Office Waste Management Strategy that Works

Waste ManagementEvery business will benefit from a well-planned proper waste disposal system. Here are the recommended ways to start your green waste management in the corporate setting:

Segregation System

Setting a segregation structure is an effective way toward systematic waste disposal. Set up a colour code for each type of trash – hazardous, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. In the office, the usual system only applies for the most common waste depending on the workplace. It goes like this: paper or cardboard, food waste, plastics and general mixed waste. The colour combination can adapt to your workplace colour ensemble.


It is important to have your office wastes regularly collected. suggests keeping waste management solutions cost-effective. Renting skips bins and subscribing to regular garbage collection will eliminate most of the expenses incurred in following waste management. Your business will thrive and stay true to the occupational safety and health standards if you can maintain a project—that is, if your waste management budget remains achievable and within the boundaries of your operational expenses.

Staff Involvement

Nothing is done without unity. Instead of proposing the system as your implemented rule, make it a team project and involve everyone in the group. Each member of the team should have something to contribute and be delegated a task to help in the implementation. It also helps to divide and rotate tasks so everyone can take turns monitoring the bins and preparing for waste collection.


Recycling may come out as a big word. In every sense, it is, but it does not require a landfill or an industrial recycling equipment to make this possible in your business. For one, your business may not be producing that much waste to begin a huge recycling project. All you need to do is to keep your paper wastes in check and to monitor your plastic use. You can always subscribe to salvage companies to turn your trash into cash.

A clean place is ideal for work productivity and healthy living. Make your efforts count and create a waste disposal system that will work for your business.