Oklahoma Weather: A Key Element When Choosing a New Roof

Working on the roofOklahoma City sees and experiences it all when it comes severe weather and even disasters like wildfires and residential fires. This is why homeowners should take every measure possible to ensure their homes have the utmost protection not only against the regularly occurring inclement weather but also from accidental fires.

One aspect of your home that you should take the time to know more about is the roof. According to an expert from ROBBINS ROOFING, understanding the correlation between the weather and your roof will help you realize why many of the city’s residents choose to work with a highly experienced metal roofing company in Oklahoma City.


The Wind is the number one enemy of all types of roof.

Oklahoma City’s annual wind speed averages 11.4 miles per hour. This makes it one of the windiest cities in the country. In fact, it has a higher-than-national-average wind speed, with the country averaging only 8.3 MPH.

Oklahoma City’s residents experience the windiest days during the spring season when the wind speeds average 12.80 MPH. This is more than 40 percent higher compared with the rest of the country.


Oklahoma’s probability of experiencing heavy snow gradually goes up throughout fall and early winter. The average number of heavy snowfall events is one every one to two years. Severely heavy snowfall (eight inches or more) occurs around one every five to ten years in OKC’s peak frequency takes place in January and February.

Snow accumulation on the roof can cause serious damages. These problems can affect the structural integrity of the roof, leading to rust, corrosion, leaks, and ultimately, water damage.


Although the State of Oklahoma did not make it to 2013’s top 10 states most prone to wildfires, it ranked 9th on the list of the top 10 states with the most number of acres burned 100, 382 acres. In the same year, 1,309 fires occurred.

Because wildfires spread so quickly and can consume anything in its way, topping your home with a roof made of metal – a material that does not catch fire or burn – can prevent disastrous consequences.