Online Presence Today: The Impact of SEO on Small Businesses

Local SEO Strategies for Small Business Written on a NotepadIs it not true that we’re now living in the age of social media?

Facebook, for instance, has exponentially grown in relevance. What was once a platform for social networking is now a tool for digital marketing – brands can make the most of Facebook through ads and engagement. As of late 2016, the website had 1.79 billion active users monthly, underscoring the importance social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become.

Online Presence Matters

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is another facet of online presence. Going back to digital marketing, a lot of businesses make use of SEO in furthering their online presence. It is a cost-effective strategy to reaching an audience and making waves on the internet. This is the reason some companies offer affordable SEO pricing. The benefits of SEO, especially to a small business, are nearly innumerable.

The Benefits of SEO to Small Businesses

For starters, SEO is relatively new. This means that as a digital marketing strategy, SEO is still evolving. With Google at the forefront of search engines, the algorithm that enables search ranking changes its criteria every so often, making competition between digital marketers quite intense, as no one technique guarantees success. How does this benefit small businesses? It levels the playing field; when a small-town cafe pits itself against a behemoth of a brand like Starbucks, for instance, the former has a fighting chance when it comes to online presence.

Secondly, SEO gives importance to local search and relevance. Global brands have all the resources in the world for traditional advertising strategies. These can easily overshadow any marketing effort from your local vendor. For small businesses who don’t dabble in e-commerce, reaching out to their direct market becomes crucial. Through local SEO, customers looking for the nearest available shop catering to their needs can easily find what they seek. It’s a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

Lastly, SEO can benefit small businesses by giving it permanent results. Even after an SEO campaign, a company will retain its placement in SERPs, meaning that a business gets to enjoy steady revenue. Unlike traditional advertising methods, the results of SEO will continue to ripple on in the digital world long after the initial campaign.