Popular Techniques for Modern Videography

Film Video ProductionVideos and film making have become affordable for a lot of people that it has become easy for professionals and hobbyists alike to make their own videos. However, not all videos are created equal. Some are better than others are, and a lot are just a product of poor film making techniques.

To create excellent videos, industry expert The Mob Film provides some examples of filmmaking techniques used by modern videographers.

Modern Videography

Several video techniques are fairly common in video shoots. Although these were done before to great effect, they are more common now due to the available technology. These include the use of cell phones onscreen, as well as using action cameras for additional footage.

Text on screen has become the preferred way of showing chat or text conversation between cell phone users. It has replaced the use of shots showing the message on the cellphone screen. The popularity and distinct videos of GoPros have also become more common.

People have used the external footage video in various movies, including “The Martian.” This is where footage from the GoPro is used to show an interaction between the character and his environment.

In this case, the GoPro is part of the scene, and the actor is interacting with the camera. The resulting interaction is included in the film.

4K and Drones

The rise of the use of 4K video is a function of improving resolution. The increase in video resolution is a progression and aims to improve the video quality of a film. Even online, 4K videos are increasing in number.

Today, there are stock video sites that prefer 4K video submissions although the minimum video resolution is 1080p. Another trend that is increasing is the use of drones. It has become pervasive that in some movies, the scenes made use of drones in an obvious manner.

Before, filmmakers used cranes. But nowadays, these kinds of overhead shots have been supplanted by the use of drones.

The above are some techniques which are in use in videos, and which distinctly separate professional production from amateurs and hobbyists. These use evolving technologies and taste, and it would be just a matter of time before they are no longer included in the videographer toolset.