Project Portfolio Management Made Easy with Project Online Features

ProjectProject Online by Microsoft is a robust online solution to be used for PPM for Project Portfolio Management and daily project tasks. This Microsoft Project Server hosted solution is provided via the Office 365 and allows organizations the ability to begin, map out investments for their project portfolio, and provide value online — meaning from across a variety of devices, anytime, anywhere. enumerates some key features of this platform below, which includes:

  • Work practically anywhere, at anytime

You can choose from among different plans to aid you in signing up easily and quickly for various services that are most ideal for your organization.

Begin working on your projects with easy provisioning, on-boarding, and ramp-up through a web-based interface developed for optimizing your time and to aid your organization in completing tasks faster.

  • Get updates easily

Stay updated wherever you are and on virtually any mobile device.

  • Better project portfolio management

Align your efforts with your organization’s vision to effectively map out initiatives and choose the most favorable portfolios.

  • More efficient resource management

Manage your resources more efficiently in Project Online to check on your team, even when they’re out doing their daily tasks or other related unplanned projects.

  • New tools for collaboration and response

Support daily collaboration with your team through social tools offered in a Microsoft Project Server-hosted solution capable of facilitating discussions and sharing data and information your team needs to always stay updated and make better data-driven decisions.

  • Simplified information technology

Make IT more understandable with superior cloud service to deliver security and flexibility all while lessening the complexities of IT.

Note however that Project Online is an entirely different service from the Microsoft Project Professional, which is a tool for project management. Project Online on the other hand features complete project management and portfolio capabilities delivered online.

Its features for project managements are delivered by utilizing the desktop application that can bought either as a subscription license monthly for Project Pro for Office 365, or as one license download for Project Professional.

A project management software allows your employees to collaborate over the Internet, and see the results of their work in real-time. Such a project needs to be hosted on a reliable server.