Promoting Your Brand With Attractive Signs and Banners

signsIn this day and age where everything is just a click away, your brand can get across many different audiences through websites and social media sites. However, brick and mortar businesses, such as retail stores and specialty shops, still need to harness the traditional but proven way of marketing – through banners and signs.

Below are just some of the awesome ways on how you can get the most out of your signs and banners in your place of business:

Create a Sign That is Visible and Attractive

The standard ruling for the right lettering size is that it should be not less than three centimeters of height for every 3 meters. Also, you may want to veer away from the old ‘black and white’ rule. Instead, try using eye-catching color combinations, such as red sign in a yellow background, for a more compelling effect.

Utilize Your Indoor Space

Banners and signs are not limited to your business façade and entrance. You may want to try suspending some banners that tell about your promo on your ceiling. A new sandwich recipe could be best endorsed if a promotional banner is standing next to the counter or the sandwich bar. You may also try other unconventional ways of visual marketing, such as floor graphics and logo mats.

Aim for High-Quality Banners

UV rays, weather, and normal wear-and-tear may all discolor your banners, even fade them. You can ensure that your signs will stand the test of time by using only high quality banners for your on-site promotion. Look for sign and display companies that offer only the best material for your banner roll up and outdoor signage.

Go Outside!

Finally, promoting your brand requires some effort beyond your comfort zone! Try reaching out by renting a billboard space or doing bench advertising. If these are all out of your budget, then you can hire someone to distribute flyers on the street, and you may even get more creative by allowing them to wear a costume.

Finally, you may also use your own car when advertising! There are some vehicle wrapping firms out there that could help you spread the word about your brand by installing your vehicle with ads about your latest promotion or products.

Banners, signage, and other visual marketing strategy can help you establish your brand to potential customers. By utilizing everything that you can to promote your business, including visual advertising, you are ensuring that your brand gets to where it should be – your future customers.