Qualities a Good Triage Nurse Should Possess

Emergency Department written on red signageTriage nurses are at the forefront of every medical situation. Despite the chaotic and stressful environment of an emergency room, they are required to complete their tasks in an efficient and controlled manner. This could be frustrating, which is why triage nurses must possess the following characteristics:


Triage nurses make decisions all the time. They must be quick to think, especially when dealing with emergency cases. When assessing a patient, triage nurses should work on important decisions even without the guidance of a physician.


Independent nurses are hard to find, which is why hospitals turn to emergency department staffing companies like Emergency Staffing Solutions when looking for professionals with this characteristic. Triage nurses should know how to function independently. Physicians and other emergency staff depend on them when assessing necessary patient care.


Empathy is a quality all medical workers should possess. By being empathetic, triage nurses can communicate well with their patients leading to better hospital care. It also allows them to understand what their patients are going through.


Triage nurses don’t have a fixed working schedule. They work on different shifts and even during holidays. Because of this, dedication to the job is important. Triage nurses must keep their focus on assessing patients even if that means missing out on personal opportunities and events.


It’s stressful to be a triage nurse, especially when you need to fill-out forms while attending to patient needs. Having a methodical nature is helpful in events like this. Possessing organizational skills while multi-tasking will greatly ease such tasks.


According to studies, optimistic patients heal faster than individuals with a pessimistic attitude. An optimistic triage nurse can set the mood of a worried and panicky patient, welcoming a calm and comfortable hospital environment.

The work of a triage nurse is indeed difficult. Patience and perseverance are essential to provide excellent patient care and complete the task at hand. Make sure to employ a triage nurse who possesses the abovementioned characteristics.