Rediscover the East: A Laid-Back Expat Mecca

Landscape Shot of Singapore DistrictThe eastern region of Singapore is known for being a manufacturing hotbed, where all the action happens within clusters of flatted factories in the districts of Paya Lebar, Bedok, Tampines and Changi. However, the East has more to offer than just its industrial assembly lines; it’s also set to become a commercial hub that will excite even the most discerning expatriate. The uninitiated is invited to step into sprawling spaces and enjoy a refreshing mix of Singaporean culture. It’s a unique cluster with a different brand – you won’t mistake it for the more mainstream Singaporean housing estates.

There’s more to come to East Singapore, too, such as the promising Paya Lebar: a shopping centre with 200 retail stores and cinemas over seven floors, swanky office towers and a premium condominium all within an integrated development fronting Paya Lebar MRT interchange.

A Different Neighbourhood

The East built itself a name as the hotbed for high-end manufacturing plants. In this part of the city-state, microchips and semiconductors are made for companies for the likes of IBM. The boom of this highly technical industry has injected a different kind of energy in this corner of Singapore. Sprawling industrial complexes stand side-by-side with different types of homes. But that’s not all. In this side of the bustling island, you get to experience a culture that’s unique from the rest of the country. This section is home to rich Peranakan culture, a glorious marriage of straits Chinese and indigenous Malay cultures. Expect a host of interesting food choices and shopping. Katong, one of the busiest areas in the region, is the epicentre of Peranakan culture. The East is also peppered with the old but newly renovated malls of yesteryears. Many young locals find malls in this area nostalgic, being some of the first ever to rise in Singapore.

East is Best

The East is home to the world-class Changi Airport, making it a very popular spot for expats. Balancing the abundance of culture in this area is an abundance of open spaces. Here, there are parks and many choices for outdoor cycling and running, including one popular trail by the beach. A feature that many of the other housing estates within Singapore do not enjoy. The eastern region of Singapore is a unique patch in this city island. While it might not be the most headline-grabbing for now, it’s bound to change with many developments in the works. If you want to choose Singapore as a new home, simply look to the East.