Relocating to Dubai: 3 Pointers Every Expat Must Know

dubaiThe rise in popularity of the United Arab Emirates comes as no surprise because of the wonder that is the city of Dubai. With its grandiose architectural feats and the exceptional lifestyle of its many residents, the global spotlight is on Dubai and it is the new destination of choice for many expatriates.

The number of opportunities available to expats is a major reason many are flocking to UAE, especially Dubai. The emirates boast a strong economy, and they also need a number of skilled professionals who can work with the local workforce.

Settling down in Dubai is another story entirely. To make the most of your move to the UAE, you need to be mindful of various factors like the local culture and laws. Take a look at the following pointers to help you start your life in the UAE on a high note:

Get a health insurance plan immediately

Health insurance plans are costly, and if you are new to a foreign country, it can be as twice as difficult and confusing to get one. It is better to get an expatriate healthcare insurance plan as soon as you can for assurance that you are covered before even setting foot in the country.

Know the laws

The laws in the UAE are strict, and it is a must for expats to know them even before entering the country. For example, you need to have a license to buy or consume alcohol, and public drunkenness can get you into trouble.

Understand the culture and traditions

The UAE is a primarily Muslim country. Familiarize yourself with Islamic practices to avoid offending religious feelings. For instance, know that Emiratis do their daily prayers religiously, even waking up before dawn just to pray. Be mindful of your actions to show respect to the customs and religious beliefs of the majority.

The UAE promises high standards of living for skilled expats. With these pointers, you can start your new life on the right track.