Restaurant Expansion: 3 Things to Consider Before you Commit

RestarauntEverywhere in the world, even in Australia, the restaurant business is extremely ruthless and competitive. Restaurateurs know that like trees in a forest canopy, you have to grow to thrive. Expanding and growing means getting a larger share of the market, hence more revenue.

But deciding to expand your restaurant’s borders is no easy feat, and is something you must think through first. It would take time, effort and resources from your business, and you may need to have extra cash on hand through an instant loan (such as from to fund your expansion.

Here are three things you should consider and plan.

  1. The Menu

Restaurants, when expanding or growing, has to always consider the core of the business – that is, the food they serve. The menu is the heart and soul of the restaurant. This said, you must consider if you should change it, add or remove items, or make small changes.

Expansion can be likened to a reopening, where the restaurant aims to not only just grow, but grow with flair. To have any good effect on your current and potential new customers, the menu must be able to deliver. Take into account the new food items you will include for the planned expansion.

  1. The Interiors

If the menu is any restaurant’s heart and soul, the interiors then is the restaurant’s identity. Being the physical embodiment of the restaurant’s concept, it conveys to the customers the atmosphere it aspires to. If you are to expand your business, you may or may not want to keep the old decors the same. This goes the same for the new locations or expansions you will be setting up, if they will reflect the same atmosphere as your root restaurant.

  1. The Logistics and Operations

Now that you more or less have a draft of your expansion plans concerning the menu and interiors, see then if they are actually feasible, if the cost can be reclaimed at the soonest possible time. Take into account the total cost it will take, including the new hands you will have to hire. If business is going good and you have more than enough money to take the leap, go. If not, you can always wait a little more, or take instant loans with the payment that sits just right with you.

Deciding to expand your restaurant is a huge gamble. Study the landscape first to make an educated decision, then see it through.