Security Measures to Prevent Lock Bumping

a man strengthening the lock of houseNinety percent of doors in the Auckland can be lock bumped by a child. Also called the “999 method,” lock bumping has become popular among criminals lately even though it is not a new concept. The first incidents were reported in 2002, and since then, mainly because of the Internet, the practice has become rampant.

The procedure involves tapping on a door lock cylinder while at the same time applying force to the plug. This will result in the pin jumping inside the cylinder, and the cap sliding out. Back then, locksmiths used this method to repair a lock that had been disassembled. As you can see, however, the procedure is quite easy; hence, its exploitation. That said, what strategies could you employ to make sure you are not the next victim?

Security pins

You can have locksmiths in Auckland come to your house or take to your locksmith the locks to put pins that make the lock anti-bumping. These security pins are made to join before they get to the shear line. Security pins will be not entirely bump proof, but they will make it take longer. No burglar wants to wait 30 minutes to get into your house.

Anti-lock bumping devices

There are many different anti-lock devices on the market today. For example, a thumb turn secures the turning part of the deadbolt. If it cannot rotate, it means that the lock cannot retract. However, different lock types will need different devices so be sure to ask for a professional recommendation.

High-security locks

Some locks cannot be picked or bumped no matter how experienced the burglar is. The Mul-T-Lock Hercular is one such lock. Famous for its strength and resistance, this clasp has other benefits such as protection against duplicate keys.

Note that you need the help of a professional locksmith to make the right pick. For example, a small business may need high-security locks to protect from employees with duplicate keys. On the other hand, these locks may be overkill in a home. What happens when you need extra keys for your children?