SEO Reselling: Building a Long Term Relationship

SEO ResellingAs an SEO Reseller, you are what marketing businesses and web designers look for when they don’t have enough manpower or the skills to provide search engine optimization services to their own clients. Essentially, you are the middleman between an SEO Company and the business, and the latter relies on your expertise to provide them with the services that suits their business.

To ensure your reliability as a reseller, it’s important to take note of the following:

Product Knowledge notes that you need to know what you are actually selling to your prospective clients in order for them to trust you and see you as reliable SEO reseller that will get them the results that they need. You must know what they will be expecting out of the SEO company that you’ll be setting them up with including what they can offer and what they can expect from them.

It’s always a good idea to keep a steady line of communication with your partner SEO company as you’ll want to always be up to date with the latest developments and programs that they may have. You should also do some research and be able to compare different SEO companies with one another, as your ultimate goal is finding the best one for your prospective clients.

Know What Your Clients Need

Aside from product knowledge, you also need to know what your clients actually want out of the SEO company they’ll be working with. While you won’t exactly be working on the business’s website yourself, it’s important to do your research and find its current optimization status.

Is the business faring relatively well in terms of optimization and only needs a bit of polishing, or do they have big problems that need to be addressed immediately? These are what you have to research on and relay to your partner SEO company to determine the right one for their needs.

While reselling SEO may seem simple, it’s actually a bit complex; you aren’t just acting as an agent between the two. You are also building and fostering a long-term relationship between your client and the SEO Provider you will be setting them up with.