Setting Up a Class Reunion without Fuss

Class Reunion in MinneapolisYears roll by in a blur. Just like that, you’re living in a different city with a family of your own. You can’t remember the faces of people you went to high school with. Your priorities have shifted from becoming a gazillionaire or starting the next big rock band to getting up in time for your office job or opening your shop.

Sometimes, it’s important to go back to the good old days, if only to give you a little perspective on how life has changed and to rekindle old friendships.

Here’s how you can organize a successful reunion with your high school classmates.

First, Find Them

You can’t start planning until you’ve found your friends. Fortunately, you have the Internet on your side. Facebook and other social media networks, plus professional networking sites like LinkedIn, are a good place to start. You may also try your high school’s website. Some keep a searchable database of alumni and their addresses, emails, or phone numbers. Use these connections to send out an invitation.

Choose People for Your Committee

You don’t have to do this alone. Ask a few classmates to form a committee with you. Someone has to be on top of things, from the money to the food to the venue. They can form their own mini-committees with people closest to them.

Make Announcements

You can create an event page on Facebook for this. But it will also help to have old school materials. For example, if most of your classmates are not online, but you have home addresses, have invitation cards printed. Then find a company offering Minneapolis banner printing so you can hang banners announcing the event. Directional banners also work if the venue is a little hard to find. Then, of course, you need a banner at the venue.

Other Suggestions

You can set up a class bank account so collecting the money is easier. Use Skype to set up meetings with committee members. You can even use Google drive if you would like to collaborate on a few documents and spreadsheets (list of names, etc.). Now that the Internet makes things a lot easier, why not use it to organize your event?

You can decide on a theme for your reunion, but the best reunion parties are usually “come as you are” arrangements. What matters is the opportunity to catch up with your friends from way back.