Seven Factors of Good Product Labelling

Importance of Product LabellingAre you fond of shopping? Say you’re out to buy some groceries, how do you pick your products? Well, most people who do the grocery shopping would already know what they’re going out for. If you’re one of the adventurous souls who always want to buy new products, you have to read the label.

If you have to buy, you read the label; machines read barcode labels to identify what product it is, and what it costs. Still, there is no need to read barcode labels on your own – you just have to check these factors when looking at a supermarket product.

Product Name

Brand names associate the product with the manufacturer. You will be able to determine what drink or chips you’re craving the next time you’re buying.


Note how specific the ingredients are. It’s not only to avoid scams but it’s also for your own good. If there is no section for ingredients, then how would you know if you’re allergic to the product? Although you may not see the thing as a threat, an underlying factor in its element might harm you.


It would really help consumers, especially first timers, if there are instructions. You avoid surfing the internet for answers. You also prevent accidents.


Notes about the product’s exclusivity in a scope are important too. It can point out if it is not good for you. It secures your safety.

Expiry Date

Some people don’t even think about checking the expiry dates. Just because it’s openly presented doesn’t mean that it is new. Be meticulous with due dates especially with products that you ingest.


Go for goods that have hanging or stuck price tags. You’ll get more at peace knowing your expense while shopping. Always inquire about products on sale to avoid confusion.


Customers’ satisfaction is always top priority. You should look for manufacturers’ details on the product. This will give you a chance to express your feelings toward their produced goods.

Do not buy products that have confusing labels. Always check on all the given information, even the barcode labels.