Skate Away from Danger: Practicing Safety While You’re on the Board

SkateboardingWithout a doubt, skateboarding is one of the coolest sports out there. There’s something about it that appeals to everyone, from kids to grownups. But just like any other sport, skateboarding involves some danger, too.

Beginners and even experts are prone to injury. Bruises may be commonplace, but you can get more than those if you don’t practice skateboard safety. Some even suffer from broken bones.

So before you get on the skateboard ramp, here are some things to keep in mind: 

The Board

Before you go, give your board a thorough inspection. Make sure that the wheels are properly installed. In case you some cracks on the board, you might want to delay your ride. Have it fixed first and see to it that it does not wiggle when you ride it.

The Protective Gear

It’s a must for every skateboarder to wear a helmet. See to it that it sits steadily on your head. It should not move forward, backward, or sideways. Put on wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. Invest in a pair of skateboarding shoes — those that have a good grip on the board. Don’t mind the “pros” who laugh at skateboarders that wear too many protective items. You’re just being safe.

The Place

Where to skate is just as important as wearing protective gear. The golden rule is to skate in places that are far away from traffic. Before skateboarding in a new skate park, familiarize yourself with the surface. Observe the rules and do not show off. If you are a beginner, do not venture into the area of the skate park where experts are riding.

Skateboarding is a fun sport. But it only stops being fun when you get hurt. Keep these things in mind and follow them enthusiastically. Also, encourage your fellow skateboarders to stay safe.