Stop Hurting Your Website: Avoid Content Bloat

content bloatingYou’ve probably heard the age-old adage saying that too much of anything is bad. This rings true in various aspects of life, especially health and lifestyle. Too much sugar, sodium, alcohol, and smoking are just a few of the things people often associate this line with.

This famous saying, however, is not only applicable when it comes to health. It is also relevant in the content creation process and implementation of marketing strategies. An excess of meaningless and irrelevant posts will do nothing but harm your website. This strategy, known as content bloat, focuses on capturing traffic by creating tons of versions of a single post.

SEO experts from Digitise My Business discuss why content bloat can be a real problem for your business and what you can do to avoid it.

The Feeling of Being Bloated

You know the feeling of being bloated, right? It is very uncomfortable and unpleasant. The same goes when your page is bloated with content. It makes people confused, and may result in their having a negative experience. When your site is overloaded with content and features that are not strictly necessary, people will get lost.

According to studies, most people have an innate tendency to freeze and choose nothing when presented with too many choices. This scenario can also happen when you have too many things going on in your website. If visitors cannot decide which content to read or link to follow, they will abandon your site altogether.

Avoiding Future Bloat

One of the best ways to address existing content bloat is to evaluate your site. Look for the pages that do not receive traffic and have no inbound links. Make sure the same information is not present on other pages. If so, kill the other page with similar content. It is also important to learn to link properly internally.

An effective strategy to avoid future content bloat is to write something meaningful. You have to make sure that you do not just write to get something out there; you need to have something useful, worthwhile, and valuable to say.

It is easy to turn readers off by writing the same content over and over again. If previous posts did not make much of a splash, it is a way of telling you not to do more of the same in the future. You need to learn from your existing content and give only what your audience wants.