Stop letting Your Nail Polish Mess with Your Hormones

Nail PolishIt’s easy to underestimate risks when you’re dealing with small things. Take that smaller-than-a-fist bottle of nail polish. While you may think that getting your nails all-coloured to perfection is apt, a Stanford University expert says otherwise – detailing how conventional nail beauty products could put your health at risk and affect your fertility.

Good thing alternative eco-friendly nail polish exists, giving you a nifty way to give your nails life minus the risk.

Danger in a Bottle

If you’re like most women who want to be fit and fab and can’t go out without perfectly painted nails, then you may have to get your beauty regimen some adjustments.

One scientist from Stanford University and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Dr. Thu Quach didn’t give her vote of approval for nail polishes. In The Conversation, the lady expert detailed that many nail care products house harmful chemicals that bring harm to one’s body.

Top of such harmful chemicals is formaldehyde, a nail hardener and a known carcinogen. Even more worrisome, dibutyl phthalate, a chemical added to nail polishes for better flexibility, is associated with reproductive problems. Add toluene, another solvent for a smooth nail finish and you have another chemical which can affect the central nervous system and harm the reproductive system at the same time.

A Better Option

Luckily, your nail beauty regimen need not be limited to such dangerous nail polish options. With eco-friendly nail polish, your quest for fashionable nails shouldn’t end up as an unhealthy choice.

This is most helpful for women who are expecting and who may be most adversely affected by the health risks brought about by the ‘toxic trio’ of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene – harmful chemicals found in most conventional nail polishes.

Eco-friendly nail polish uses ingredients that are derived from nature to function as effectively as harmful laboratory-synthesized chemicals. A classic example of such healthy nail polishes is water-based organic and natural nail polishes.

This way, your nails will still have that sophisticated look – or whatever look you want – without endangering yourself and your precious hormones needlessly.