The Ideal Placement of Residential Solar Panels

Americans must pay more attention to the need to reduce fossil-fuel use. There is an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules are not only good for the environment, but they are also good for people. The renewable energy revolution saves money and creates jobs. Are you on board for a residential PV installation? However, to maximize the benefits, you must know the ideal placement for residential photovoltaic panels., one of the top solar companies in Denver, explains below:

Sunlight and Energy

Technological innovations now allow us to use sunlight in homes, businesses, and industries as an energy source. However, the amount of energy that we can utilize depends on the amount of sunlight the PV panels are exposed to. There are variations in power generations depending on the season and the location. If you are keen on using residential solar power installations as an off-the-grid source of electricity, consider whether your roof is ready for it. The roof is usually the best place to install the panels, though it is not the only feasible location.

Mounting Options

Installers can only attach a PV module if the roof is ready to receive the structural specifications required by the array. If not, the installers will have to mount more structures. Solar companies offer various mounting options residents may hire for the job. If the roof is not a workable site, then a ground-mount option should be an option.

Facing True South

Another important parameter is the direction the panels should be facing. A solar installer will recommend not only the ideal placement. They will also the proper direction for maximum power generation. For homes in the United States and Canada, true south is the ideal direction the panels must be facing. True south of geographic south is the equivalent to the magnetic south to which a compass points. The installer will calculate and determine the direction of true south.

Deciding to avail a solar installation is a smart choice. Learn how to make the most of the available technology for maximal benefits.