The Latest Packaging Trends in the World Today

Packaging TrendsPackaging and its effects are omnipresent and very powerful.  Regardless of whether each customer notices the packing or not, the effects are obvious. The effect of good packaging on the buying habits of the customer is real and noticeable. This trend is expected to continue in the year 2017. The Eastpac Group and the wholesale packaging industry in the UK are poised for growth into new and creative territories. 2017 is the year of smart packaging when the consumers can experience the brand through its mode of packaging.

Intelligent and active packaging

Consumers like everything that is interactive and so it is no surprise that they love interactive packaging.  For instance, they like food and drinks to be packaged in see through cartons or packs. This gives them the chance to look at the product before they buy it. Researchers are also looking at possibilities of giving out information about the freshness of the product on the packaging. This could be a digital marking or dot that will change colour depending on the freshness of the drink or food. The existing RFID codes on the packaging will continue. These codes help the authorities to track the product in the factory, stores and through to delivery.

3D packaging trends

3D printing is a reality today, although they are yet to make a mark in the packaging industry. However, experts feel that this is about to change in 2017. 3 D has already made its mark in the field of fashion, health, and architecture. Now 3 D printing and packaging is all set to expand in the future. Researchers are already working on 3 D designing and packaging materials and it will soon be a reality.

Eco-friendly packaging

Environmental friendly and dependable packaging will also be improved upon in the coming years. Consumers expect reliable packaging and the companies must meet this demand. Today, customers also expect eco- friendly packaging as they wish to do their bit to save the planet. Since concern for the earth is a priority not only for the customers, but also for governments all over the world, this has become a necessity rather than an option.

Thus, technology will penetrate the packaging industry and throw up quite a few surprises.