The More You Give, The More You Earn

Business man offering a gift to a customerIn today’s competitive market, businesses vie for client’s attention. Without the appropriate exposure, your business is dead in the water. Marketing strategies in the 21st century have varied, and one of the most proven ways to go about spreading the word has been through gifts.

Whether as a reward or an invitation, gifts ensure that clients, at the very least, know about your business. A promotional product company can offer solutions to finding the right gift for your client. But if you are still hesitant about spending a little to earn a lot, then allow us to list some of the benefits of gift giving.


Gifts should never be considered a loss because they benefit the business far more than the customer. Studies show that customers who receive gifts even before purchase seem to spend more. How a business gives the right gift is based on a few factors like age, sex, and economic status.

Furthermore, studies show that customers who receive gifts seem to be more eager to spend more when some mystery is involved. Customers who purchase affective products (i.e. products that make us feel good) are inclined to buy more if a free gift is included. But be wary of making it difficult for your customers to earn the gift because they can easily be dissuaded by sign-up sheets or confusing fine print.


Gifts are also a great way to attract new customers. Another study reveals that customers are intrigued whenever the prospect of something free comes their way and as a result, post about it on social media. Whenever something free comes our way, it tickles are fancy enough to post it on social media and as a result, gives your business the word-of-mouth momentum it needs.

Marketing your business the right way is just as important as running it. Customers are bread-and-butter of any consumer operation and freebies are a good way to get more of them.