The Power of Digital Billboard Ads: Why Google Spent $2.5M for Rental

Times SquareSearch engine giant Google has found a unique way to catch everyone’s attention: a high-resolution, football pitch-sized billboard in Times Square.

The company has taken over the priciest digital billboard in New York just in time for the biggest holiday shopping season. As the ad space is eight stories high, the estimated cost will be $2.5 million for four weeks.

Google became the first company to run an exciting and engaging ad campaign in the world’s largest digital billboard located on the side of the Marriot Marquis hotel. As the billboard is overwhelmingly huge, it easily grabs the attention of passersby. The advertising initiative will run from November to early January next year.

For years, the company did not show anything extravagant when it comes to advertising, until this one. As a result, many industry watchers wonder what is the reason behind the big move.

To Stand Out from the Rest

As 300,000 people are expected to pass by the area every day, Google did not hesitate to grab the opportunity to make a statement. “When a splashy new billboard or new advertising platform comes along it tends to get extra buzz, reaching influencers who pay attention to these launches,” Eric Johnson, founder and president of Ignited, said in a statement.

To Strengthen Brand

Many analysts believe that renting the $2.5 million ad space is Google’s way of reminding people that it’s more than just a search engine. It is trying to evolve its brand image slowly to fit into every consumers’ needs, wants, and personal lives.

“They’re Google and they want to remind everyone that they’re large and in charge,” Marc Fowler claims, president of Bullseye Media.

There’s no detail or confirmation, however, of what the company will be advertising on the ad space.