The Prime Essentials for Putting Up Your First Art Gallery

Apartment Management Company in ChicagoStarting your own art gallery is a brave concept. You have full control of what gets shown and you have an outlet for your own masterpieces. Keep reading and to know more about the essentials for putting up a thriving gallery of your own.


A gallery requires money to set up and maintain, so you will have to either find a willing group of investors or shell out enough of your own funds. However, it doesn’t have to be impossibly expensive, as a makeshift gallery will only need a few things to be stable: cleanliness, lights, marketing, and displays. The first three are monthly responsibilities while the displays, if made well, will not need replacing for years.

Your Goals

What is the main mission of your gallery? Are you promoting a specific artist or group of artists? Who is your target audience? How long do you plan to maintain this gallery? Where do you plan to set up your gallery? Setting your sights on a theme, vision and location for your business can help you choose the right people to work with and the profitability of your new venture. After all, your gallery would still be a business and not just an artistic endeavour.

Your Collaborators

Investors, fellow artists, staff, your target clients and even your real estate agents will all contribute to your success. First off, find a commercial real estate or apartment management company in Chicago, such as Realty & Mortgage, and ask for the best property options for your budget and goals. Choose artists who share your mindset but at the same time, encourage innovators to join you. Once you have your core collaborators and contacts on board, take care of them. Keep them updated with your progress and make use of their wisdom and involvement.

Art can be a profitable passion. Everyone deserves to experience, create, share and profit from their artworks. With a gallery of your own, you help make art accessible to a bigger crowd, uplift your creative works, support other artists and still earn, provided that you play your cards right.