The Right Office Layout to Boost Your Personnel’s Productivity

Office Work Space FunThe productivity of your staff directly affects the profits of your company. It’s no wonder many offices try to find ways to encourage their staff to perform above par. Surprisingly, workspaces can also encourage efficiency and excellence among them. Here are just a few of the widely used standard office layouts that you can choose from:


As the name suggests, this floor plan consists mostly of cubicles assigned to a staff member where they can work in relative isolation from other employees. This kind of layout promotes privacy, concentration, and focus. It also raises individual initiative since they will be mostly working on their own projects within the confines of their cubicle. Admittedly, this kind of layout consumes a lot of space and becomes a problem when workers do want to work together.


Open office layouts are the complete opposite. Workers are given desks without walls, which makes it easier to speak with co-workers. This makes management and supervision easier and it’s an affordable option, too. Online Office Furniture noted that you could easily buy more office tables online or add to your office equipment instead of buying cubicles. On the cons side, employees who are averse to the lack of privacy and are easily distracted may find open office arrangements a bit annoying.


A healthy mix of the two can be a good compromise for workers who want a freer environment and personnel who prefer privacy. You would have to plan your office carefully to maximize workflow within the two-floor plans before you set out buying your furniture and equipment. You can look for professionals to help you out if ever you choose this option.

There are various ways to motivate people to perform better. It can involve awards, bonuses, and incentives. However, their workspace is something they have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s still best to choose the best layout for your people to complete their tasks while staying organized and efficient.