These External Factors Should Not Ruin Your Party

party planner expertAnniversaries have fixed dates. You cannot change someone’s birthday to something more convenient to your schedule. Sure, celebrations may not always be planned on the day of the anniversary because of conflicting activities and the availability of people, but it’s still customary to greet them on the day itself and to have the celebration happen close to the original date.

External factors sometimes require that you make last-minute changes to the celebration, however. To have a party that can be fun no matter what, be prepared for these factors:


Spring in St. Paul, Minnesota is beautiful. You’ll want to make the most of the outdoors if you could. Backyards and parks are transformed into popular outdoor venues. Does it mean there is no need for shading options? If you’re planning a daytime activity, the sun at noon could be a problem. If the weather turns, you, your guests, and all your belongings will be drenched if you do not take care of clear span tent rental beforehand.

Additional People

Inviting families mean two things: seeing everyone and not being able to count just how many people to expect. You might be happy to see a distant cousin or ten, but guests who are unaccounted for may result in lack of space and discomfort for everyone, especially if there is a rift with another guest. There’s also the seating and table options to think about. It’s a good idea to have everyone RSVP to the event and mention if they will be bringing others with them, to give you an idea of the number.

Food Shortage

It’s easy enough to cook if you’ve got a fridge full of ingredients. If you contacted a caterer to take care of the food, problems might arise if more people showed up. Have a backup plan or order for a bigger crowd. The leftovers can be put to good use, but you may not recover from the shame of organizing a party with not enough food.

Parties are all about celebrating, catching up, and eating. Make everything work well together by preparing for the unexpected.