Time to Go Waltzing Matilda: 5 Great Reasons to Visit Sydney

Opera house in SydneyYou might not exactly reach P. Sherman’s address at 42 Wallaby Way, but believe it, many have tried ever since Marlin and Dory went on their ocean-crossing adventure to find Nemo. This is but one of the many reasons to go to Sydney, one of Australia’s largest cities and probably the most popular, thanks to its world-famous Opera House.

Touring the city with your friends and loved ones is even made a breeze on board a mini bus for hire in Sydney. That should give you a more enjoyable time taking in the sights and sounds of the Land Down Under.

Those who have included Sydney in their bucket list, you are in for a treat, as the city, which incidentally is also the capital of New South Wales, has so much to offer to first-time visitors and even to those revisiting.

Here are some of them:

Sydney Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Along with the Sydney Opera House, these may be the most photographed and most iconic spots not only in Sydney but the whole of Australia. (If for some reason you haven’t seen Finding Nemo, yes, they’re prominently featured Pixar’s 2003 full-length animated movie.) The harbour gives you a stunning view—and the best spot to take a selfie—of the record-holding Sydney Harbour Bridge. For a more unforgettable experience, you can try the bridge climb as well.

Sydney Opera House

Who doesn’t recognise this Australian icon? Designed by a Danish architect, the Opera House features roof shells that when combined, will form a perfect sphere. They also contain over a million tiles.

Bondi and Coogie Beaches

Sharing the same coastline, these are Sydney’s best beaches to don your togs in and enjoy every water activity you can imagine. The smaller Coogie Beach is perfect for families with children as it has calmer waters and smaller crowds. Bondi, on the other hand, is best for surfing with its challenging waves. You can also sunbathe topless in designated areas.

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it used to hold convicted men and boys who were brought from Great Britain to Sydney. It features interactive exhibits that show how life was for those incarcerated in the place. You can even try the sleeping quarters that once housed the prisoners.

These are some of the interesting and exciting things that await visitors to Sydney. Discovering the lesser known ones is a different adventure altogether. And yes, there is a dentist’s clinic facing Sydney Harbour.