‘Tis the Season for More Sales: How to Prepare for the Holidays

A woman shopping pointing at other productsDid you know that sales during the holiday season represent 20% to 40% of overall yearly sales for many small businesses? As the owner of a retail store, of course, your focus is sales, but you should elevate your game during the holidays because people will be buying all sorts of stuff during this time.

To end your year with a bang, below are some practical tips to prepare your team for the holidays.

Take Advantage of Impulse Buys

The holidays are all about giving and receiving, so people are more inclined to make impulse buys this time of the year. One of the most effective ways to attract impulse buyers is to create displays that highlight your bestsellers.

You could likewise place small items on your checkout line so that consumers could easily see them and put them in their carts. Remember, although most consumers come into your shop to buy a specific item, you must aim to encourage them to purchase more items.

Process Returns Quicker

Basically, you need to get those returns back on the sales floor as quickly as you can. While this might not be a huge priority on a daily basis, it should be – during the holiday season at least.

You’re not making any money off of those returns if they’re just lying around in your stockroom taking up precious storage space. To make this entire process easier, consider using returns management software or applications.

Resist the Urge to Over-decorate

Keep in mind that while consumers love seeing holiday décor, they’re not really coming inside your shop because of them – unless you sell holiday décor.

So rather than cramming all sorts of décor in every nook and cranny and playing holiday tunes on repeat, think a few tasteful décor here and there and some holiday tunes mixed in with other music genres, just enough to make them feel the holiday spirit.

To maximize your profitability this holiday season, you should focus on customer experience and their willingness to spend more this time of the year. Mastering these would help you ring in the new year with the loudest bang ever.