Top Reasons to Take an Extended Solo Trip to London

Big ben and a double decker bus at LondonLondon, one of the oldest yet modern cities in the world, has layers upon layers of character and history. And even if you’ve been here in the past, there’s always something more to uncover. Typically viewed as an expensive city for tourists, there are many ways to maximise your budget for an extended stay like booking a single room to rent in central London and occasionally preparing your meals. Here are some top reasons for you to absorb what London has to offer.

Immerse in Rich History

Serious history buffs will be spoilt for choice in London for historical attractions to visit. With an extended stay, you can do so much more than a hurried visit to a museum on a rainy afternoon. You can get an immersive dose of medieval history by visiting the Temple Church and learn about the Knights of Templar.

If you prefer a more exhaustive dose of history in one location, visit the Tower of London and learn about its many roles from a fortress, to the menagerie, the Royal Mint and most famously, as a prison.

Enjoy the Football Fever

If you’re a big football fan, then you must visit London, the home of the world-famous English Premier League. The sport is elevated almost like a religion and teams enjoy an almost cult-like status with rabid enthusiast wherever you turn.

If tickets for a match with your favourite teams are too pricey, you can watch the game at a pub near the stadium. Football fans will flock to these nearby pubs right after the match and relive memorable moments. Meet new friends and swap post-match analysis over beers or ale.

See Theatre Shows, One after the Other

London has one of the best theatre scenes in the world, located in the West End where you can find the best live theatre talents from all over the world. Enjoy a wide variety of plays and musicals that are rarely seen outside of the city.

Avoid paying full price for tickets by booking ahead of time online and selecting matinee shows. You can also visit the TKTS booth—the Official London Theatre Ticket booth at Leicester Square for deeply discounted last-minute tickets.

With these top reasons, it’s hard to beat London as an option on where to spend your extended break.