Tradeshow Boost: Creating a Crafts Show Display that People Will Notice

Trade Show Appearances matter in crafts shows and how you set up your display booth can have a significant impact on your sales. Even the most remarkable products could lose their charm when displayed poorly. As such, you must ensure that your display booth will make potential customers turn their heads, stop by to browse, and hopefully buy what you’re selling.

Here are some practical ideas to take note when planning your display booth for an upcoming crafts show:

Research, Research, Research

Before doing and buying anything for your setup, research — a lot. Browse online forums, social media groups, Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as magazines for some inspiration. You should likewise consider visiting craft shows in your area — or the actual crafts show you’re going to be participating in — so you can feel the ambiance of the event. This can help you think of a theme for your pop up display booth, but keep in mind that your theme should ideally reinforce your brand.

The Right Colors

Choose specific colors that will make your products stand out. Avoid patterns that are too busy or colors that are too bold for your products, so that they won’t look washed out. Remember, colors should complement your products. Think about what mood you want people to feel when they see your booth.

Level Up and Down

Incorporate attention-grabbing depths and levels in your booth, so that people can easily know what you’re offering. Your display booth may look uninviting and empty if you simply line up your products on the table. Make sure that potential customers can see them from afar.

Don’t Forget Your Signage

Ensure that your signage is easily seen and displays the name of your store. Make it unique and remarkable, so that people can easily remember your store name. In addition, it’s annoying to have people asking how much each of your items cost, so label your products clearly.

These are only some of the points you can follow. Keep in mind that your display booth must never outshine what you’re selling — they’re only there to make certain that your products stand out from the rest. Think about this, all your efforts in making the most elaborate displays will be useless if people will only focus on appreciating them and not pay attention to your products.