Types of Water Coolers for the Office

Office Cooler in Australia When you’re busy with many tasks, it’s quite normal to forget to eat and drink. Many people don’t realise that dehydration is a serious problem and can have serious health repercussions.

Dehydration can cause people to feel tired, and it may lead to a slow metabolism. Sitting for long stretches, on the other hand, makes people stiff – why not get up and walk away from the computer? A bit of exercise helps with new ideas and increased energy. Make your destination the water cooler to solve dehydration, as well.

Advantages of Water Coolers

Many companies have water coolers installed on every floor to encourage employees to keep up good habits. Drinking the recommended amount of water helps a person to stay healthy, alert and awake. There are three types of water coolers, and each has its distinct advantages.

Point of use coolers

These can be attached to the tap and the local water supply lines. These are equipped with filters and are available in either a freestanding type unit or a countertop unit.

Built-in filtration offers the cleanest water for drinking. It eliminates the need for ordering and storing a number of bottles.

Bottled water coolers

These are a great option when there are no water lines available. The setup is easy and you can automate ordering bottles. These are available in freestanding and countertop options.

The major advantage of picking this type of water cooler is that the machine dispenses hot or cold water that’s already filtered. You can move this anywhere, as long as you can plug it into an electrical outlet. According to Reuters, this type of water cooler dominates the Australian market.

Under sinkwater dispensers

They are a great alternative, as they eliminate all the issues related to the other types of coolers. They are compact and affordable, making them the best choice for offices with limited space.

GMR Supplies says this is easy to install in the break room because it fits under the sink. These are far more sanitary than water fountains. They are also maintenance free.

More companies are investing in machines that ensure employee wellness. Start with this essential item to offer everyone safe water.