Uniformity Through Uniforms: How They Influence Discipline

Uniformity Through UniformsWhen you are asked, what did you hate the most back in middle or high school, most of you would probably say, the school uniform. Many students loathe the idea of wearing uniforms in school. Well, first, younger people, since they are struggling with societal standards, do not want to look the same as others. Teens are into being unique or standing out.

School Uniforms Reflect The Institution’s Image

In fact, every public school boards across the country debate on the issue of implementing school dress codes and at what level these are to be enforced. Though many students do not like the idea of wearing the same school uniform as thousands others, it reflects the school’s dignity and image. When you go out in that particular uniform and do something bad, people will automatically brand the school as a whole. It’s like a representation of the whole school population.

School Uniforms Imposes Discipline

It is astonishing that these pairs of fabric have a tremendous effect on the school’s image. Aside from its image, the mere implementation of dress codes and school uniforms by the institution shows the degree of discipline they inculcate into their students.

School Uniforms Bring The Sense Of Oneness

In a positive note, school uniforms actually help bring the sense of oneness among students, teachers and the whole school regardless of race, religion, gender and beliefs. One motive behind making uniforms a compulsory thing between schools is not to make a distinction between them. Rather, to be able to urge students to build healthy relations with others despite differences.

School uniforms may be used as a distinguishing factor among schools but it also has a lot of positive benefits. It is a means to educate students on the sense of unity and responsibility. When they wear the uniform, they need to be accountable and responsible in all their actions. They should make sure they take responsibility in all the things they do, in order not to vandalise the schools image.