Watch Your Move: Protecting Yourself Against Moving Frauds

moverLet’s face it; moving to a new location can mean a long and stressful journey. But what could be more stressful than dealing with all the packing, loading and unloading? It’s finding that you’ve been a victim of a moving fraud.

Every year, thousands of people experience moving fraud; some of them report the incidents to the authorities while others don’t even bother to do so. The victims have no idea they’re in trouble until they find that they’re precious belongings are missing, broken, arriving late or taken to the wrong address. Some customers are even surprised to know that they’ve been a victim of collusive bidding and price fixing.

You can avoid such risks if you are careful enough and have all the information you need., the go-to site for people who need professional furniture removal services in South Africa, shares some ideas on how to protect your move.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

It always pays to know what you need to do as a customer and what you should get from the service provider. Moving companies often charge according to the weight of the load and the distance between the loading and delivery point. You have the right to be present each time the mover weighs your items. You must confirm with your mover how you are going to pay for the removal service. You are also responsible for disclosing all the items on your moving list so the mover can take all the necessary precautions in terms of handling, loading and unloading.

The Red Flags of Moving Fraud

As a customer, you need to be careful about your decisions. Watch out for the red flags of moving fraud, which includes the following:

  • Incomplete Documentation
  • Suspicious Estimates
  • Lack of Permits and Licenses
  • Lack of a Dedicated Contact Person

Do the Math

Learn the value of your items so you can see if the estimates provided by the mover are reasonable. Calculate the cost by taking the weight and number of items into account. You will have a successful and stress-free move if you know exactly how much you will pay for the service. Compare rates, read reviews or ask other people for recommendations.

Don’t be a victim of moving fraud. Stay informed and exercise caution when dealing with multiple removal companies in your location. Report to the authorities any suspicious deals or offers to protect yourself and your belongings.