Ways to Improve Brand Recall

Promotional Products When your audience recognises your brand instantly, they are likely to make a purchase or recommend you when someone asks them which product or service to use. This level of recall is what you aim for as a marketer. Improving the recognition of your business helps you in several ways, such as higher conversion rates, increase in sales volume and better profit margins just to name a few.

Experts agree that these are some of the ways that boost brand recall.

Offer Promotional Products

An expert on promotional products in Australia cites that providing freebies with your brand on it improves recall. Mugs, shirts, glasses, pens and other items are things that people use on a regular basis. When they see your brand every day, recognition increases, especially if the item you offer is something that is a part of their lifestyle.

The Power of Narratives

When you use stories in your message, it becomes more influential and powerful. People recall narratives that touch them or they can relate to. A story about how your product helped someone or changed their life is more effective than hard selling the benefits of your brand. Creating a narrative is difficult; you need to understand the thoughts, behaviours and decisions of your audience. Market research, focused group discussions and other studies will enable you to create a good one.

Customer Service

Old fashioned customer service goes a long way; no matter how flashy your website is or the quality of the materials your product has, it will always boil down to how you treat your customers. Responding to their queries and addressing their concerns immediately show you care about your audience. Improving your products based on the needs of your customers will endear you to them.
These are some of the ways to build a strong brand; these allow you to be more recognisable to your audience. These are the building blocks of an identity that enable you to gain market share.