What to Expect When Your Child Enrolls in High School

Female in highschool uniformAs parents, one of the important things to remember about school is that requirements and challenges can vary significantly. It is, therefore, your obligation to set the right expectations as your children move up in grade levels to help them deal with potential difficulties.

For example, what happens within the confines of a high school vicinity in Salt Lake City? What are the kinds of problems you and your children have to deal with every day?

Middle School versus High School

First, is there a difference between high school and middle school? The answer is both yes and no. Middle school, also known as junior high school, can range from grades 7 to 12. In Utah, it is usually seventh to eighth grades.

When it comes to class size, higher school levels are larger, which also means the teacher-student ratio is also higher.


Bullying is a serious problem in the school setting, but according to Stop Bullying, it’s most prevalent in high schools, many of which become victims of either social or verbal abuse. Fortunately, there are many evidence-based programs to prevent it from happening.

These include keeping an open communication with your kids, getting to know their friends and their activities, and working together with the rest of the community such as the schools and other parents.


Of the many bad habits your children can pick up in high school, smoking is one of the most common. Although the rate of cigarette smokers among high school students had decreased in 2011, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, more are also using e-cigarettes.

Many factors cause the number to go up, including the attraction to flavored versions and ease of access to these types of cigarettes.

High school is an incredible period of learning for your kids, but it can be scary too. Besides being active in the academic community, it is helpful to find an excellent high school, one with a good student-teacher ratio, excellent performance, and great support to children.