What You Need to Inspect Before Hiring a Digger

Construction workers manually shoveling snow on a roadDiggers are useful machines that could come in handy when handling excavation projects. They are designed to undertake intensive tasks when building, remodelling or even landscaping. Machinery such as excavators, rollers, dumpers, dozers and loaders offer exceptional levels of support when digging and levelling a property.

However, you should know that they are only effective if they are in good working condition. If you are looking for diggers for hire, Hire Direct Ltd suggests that you perform a rigorous inspection.

Inspect the body

Diggers are exposed to rough conditions and it is normal for them to have damages on their bodies. As you examine the body, you want to ensure that the damages sustained are not too severe to affect your operations. Minor dents and scratches are okay, but large cracks should be a cause for alarm.

Inspect the connections

Connection points make diggers efficient and easy to use. You may want to inspect the pins installed on movable parts and check if they are clean and well lubricated. You should likewise ensure that the parts are not loose. Keep in mind that loose attachments could cause downtime and put operators at risk of sustaining injuries.

Inspect the Hydraulic System

When checking out diggers for hire, you must remember the importance of examining the hydraulic systems. These are responsible for controlling the movement of various parts within the equipment. Check the state of the hydraulic pump and inspect the hoses and the cylinder for signs of leakage.

Hiring diggers involve money, which is why you must ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. Inspecting a number of machinery is a good practice because it would allow you to make an informed decision. Learning about your options likewise helps you get the best value for your money.