What You Should Know Before Planning Your Own Funeral

funeral ceremonyThe average cost of a funeral in the US costs at least $8,000 based on the National Funeral Directors Association’s (NFDA) data, but costs are continually increasing each year.

It then makes sense why some people choose to pre-plan their own funeral. If you live in Utah, choose a funeral service in Clearfield or Roy that can offer a variety of locations for your final resting place, advises Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries.

Planning Tips

While a prepaid funeral allows you to save money, you should consider several things aside from picking a burial spot. In case you change your mind, ask if you can recover some or all of your money. A signed contract almost always represents a done deal. You should also be careful in reviewing the terms of the agreement, such as being clear about not covering for higher prices in the future.

If you’re merely keen on setting up money to cover your estimated costs, a trust fund serves as a good option. You simply open a bank account, which would only pay out the funds upon your death.

Estimated Expenses

The NFDA’s average price range for a funeral only covers basic expenses. These include the casket, burial clothes, death certificate and the grave site. It’s up to you if you want to have an obituary printed out, or musicians who would be present at the ceremony yet take note that these add up to the cost.

The place where you live will also be a factor. Regions with a higher fatality rate indicate a bigger demand for funeral services, which influence service providers to increase their rates.

It’s understandable that talking about the prospect of death with your loved ones can be stressful. However, a pre-planned funeral lets you know that your death won’t further add financial stress to their grief, which seems a more favorable alternative.