Why a National Police Check Should be on Any HR’s To-Do List

criminal records on a laptop screenConducting a national police check in NSW is becoming more important due to an increase in criminal activities committed by both in-house staff and former employees. Cybersecurity, in particular, is a hot issue recently, making it imperative for companies to invest money and time in conducting comprehensive background checks on employees.

Below are the reasons you should add running a police check to your HR priorities:

Avoid expensive hiring mistakes

The average cost of losing an employee is one to two times an employee’s yearly income. This estimate translates to over one million dollars if your annual turnover is more than 10%. Imagine how much you can save per person if you found out that he or she has a criminal work history or background.

Boost your employees’ security

The importance of security at the workplace cannot be stressed enough. When employees are secure, their productivity naturally increases. However, maintaining security should not be confined to installing CCTV cameras all over the office premises. Weeding out applicants with a history of violence, or has a tendency to commit acts of violence, could not only impact work productivity but also save lives in the long run.

Prevent the occurrence of crimes at your company

About 40% of information on resumes may have been altered or are completely untrue. Those who have falsified portions of their resume may have an ulterior motive of doing so, which may commonly involve fraud. KPMG data revealed that insiders did 75% of these incidents.

Running a national police check through a reliable online service is easy and can help your business save thousands in cost. There are a number of these services in Australia that are accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

Don’t take even the most random police check for granted. Protect your company at all costs with a simple police check in NSW.