Why the Right Education Matters in Business

Student in a ClassSome of the biggest names in business started young. They are infinitely ambitious, talented, and passionate — yet not all of them got their chops from big business schools. They are the exception rather than the rule. For the rest of us, the path to leadership in any field of business is better paved with education.

Should you take your chances and see if — like the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world — you already have what it takes, or should you be a little more realistic and help your chances by enrolling in business training courses in Utah or elsewhere?

Here is a short list of some of the most important skills a businessperson needs to succeed:


Leaders are not born, so they say. Instead, they are shaped. While you cannot deny that it comes more naturally to some, anyone can learn the skills when given the right education, exposure, and experience. Dedication to becoming a leader doesn’t hurt, either.


Business is a gamble, but it is also winnable by means of strategy. Strategic planning is a skill the best leaders of the industry live by. Without such skills, you are only shooting arrows blind at best, and that is a risky proposition.


Marketing follows businesses everywhere, as the latter cannot exist without the former. You need to find your niche and drive it toward your intentions, which are governed by your desire to make your business successful. Learning about marketing is a fruit of education and experience, and your business will be better for it.


Business meetings, correspondence, and dealing with the marketing team to get your point across all have one thing in common — communication. Communication skills are an important part of your leadership as a businessperson.

People Skills

You need people skills to communicate an idea to your customers. You need good customer relationship skills to support that relationship because it’s not a one-way street. The same is true about your relationship with business partners, investors, employees, and suppliers.


Business means money. In many cases, a business owner does not worry about their profits alone. There are other investments to worry about after all. Without the right financial skills, you may find your business in trouble, even if you have a great accounting team. You should stay on top of things to make sure your finances grow steadily.

Sure you can be in business even if you didn’t have the educational background. But you can at least be a lot more surefooted if you had the education to handle your business and everything it entails.