Workplace Induction: 5 Ways to Improve On-boarding

Workplace InductionA good induction helps new employees adjust to their working environment in the shortest time possible. This makes them more productive, lessens the pressure on your veteran workers to help them acclimate, and minimises the risk of costly accidents and work mistakes.

It does more than just train workers on what they should do. An effective induction makes them feel welcomed and valued, while reducing their anxiety. As most companies now use online induction software, it is usually a streamlined and consistent process with minimal costs.

The induction program plays an important role. Are you giving it enough attention? To make sure your system is working, follow these rules:

  1. Structure the induction period – New employees will have a lot to do in their first few weeks. From meeting supervisors to attending training workshops, make sure that everything is neatly outlined in a schedule. This allows them to perform their daily duties without worrying about what else they should be doing at any time.
  2. Keep it simple – The various courses should be neatly packaged into short yet effective lessons that will be easy to remember. Use a variety of media to illustrate points; videos, images, quizzes, and games are all valuable tools for learning.
  3. Provide context – As explains, it is not enough for employees to understand their job. For them to be truly effective, the program should show how their roles fit into the company’s overall structure. This not only helps them get a better appreciation of their position, but also gives them insights on their possible career paths.
  4. Integrate into teams – Make sure the induction process focuses on building employee team relationships. By the end of the introductory period, new staff should feel comfortable working with everyone. This is also the time to teach them who they should report to for what.
  5. Always be accessible – Even with the best induction courses, newcomers will undoubtedly have a few questions. Make sure that they feel comfortable asking HR and their immediate supervisor about anything they need to know. Whether it is about specific duties or company culture, there should be someone they can reach out to for advice.

The induction period is the first step into grooming employees. With the right technology and process, you can improve employee relations.