You’ve Got Mail: Reasons Email Marketing is Alive and Kicking

Email MarketingWith modern marketing platforms, such as social media, some people find it easy to say that email marketing is dead. But is it?

Campaign Monitor CFO, Alex Bard, spoke with Fortune and said, “Email is the thoroughbred in many marketing portfolios. Newsletters are resurging, the death of email has been inaccurately reported.” In the same Fortune article, Local Search Association key executive, Greg Stirling, said, “Email marketing is a proven tactic for small business and one that continues to be heavily used despite the rise of numerous other channels.”

Maybe it’s enough to trust the words of these experts, especially since they’re backed with figures. Below are the other reasons email marketing isn’t dead yet.

Email Allows Creativity and Personalization

While social media gives your brand a personality, some features may keep marketers from using their creativity. Community managers can’t always post long copies on Twitter, and they can’t always control the appearance of the layout on Facebook. A brand’s reach on social media can be limited, unless the strategist is willing to pay to penetrate other segments of the market.

Email, on the other hand, acts as a blank slate where you can integrate different elements that can attract audiences. More importantly, it allows marketers to personalize the message, depending on the audiences they’re talking to.

People Still Have Emails

Common sense may say, “Yes, it’s still alive.” People at work use email, and most social media sites require an email address before you can create an account. Digital marketing and SEO companies in Minnesota say all these situations provide businesses an opportunity to promote their brands through email.

It’s not Expensive

Perhaps, this is the best reason email marketing is still well loved. Businesses on a budget will resort to email, as it can reach a wide range of audience without requiring the marketer to shell out a large sum of money. All the marketer needs is a creative mind and some tools to make distribution systematic.

These are only some of the most obvious reasons email marketing is still alive and kicking. To refine your email marketing strategies, work with a digital marketing agency with a proven record of accomplishment.